Sanfort Online


SANFORT brings you, a specially designed programme, curated by a team of experts to address the exponential growth in the inquisitiveness, curiosity and zest to explore the complete world of unknown in the most flexible and child friendly ways.
The trying time when children can’t step out, your favourite school SANFORT has taken an initiative to come forward to stepping-in to your home with a technology-enabled platform SANFORT ONLINE which consists of daily online engaging sessions with a joyride of exciting super interactive child friendly activities by well-trained teachers and activity oriented digital content.
The sole motive behind this initiative is to once again bring the lives of our tiny-tots back on track and help them have a scheduled life full of experiential learning and enthralling set of pedagogical practices. The endeavor is to not let the days pass by sitting at home without adding any value to their knowledge.
SANFORT ONLINE is a technology-enabled platform exclusively designed for children between 18 months to 5 years 6 months of age to bring learning and fun to the safety of their homes. It is an initiative to bring Sanfort’s classroom learning live to your home to help children stay active and engaged and ensure their learning never stops. It consists of online engaging sessions by well-trained teachers and prerecorded activities, rhymes and stories that can be used at your convenience and according to your child’s interests.
SANFORT ONLINE is a replication of the routine of a child as he experience in a SANFORT school starting from assembly, circle time, their favourite rhymes, stories and many other fun-learning activities. These sessions are conducted everyday in the same way as they are happening at school.