In the trying times of COVID-19, when we all are facing unforeseen challenges every day in our personal and professional lives. As the lockdown is over so, we all are trying to return to our normal routines but as Preschools and Daycares are still closed and nobody knows how long this COVID CRISIS will continue so, the big question for working mothers is who will take care of their little ones in their absence when they are out for their jobs.
As SANFORT is known for it’s out of the box approach for the welfare of children and parents. So, we have come out with a never heard before revolutionary initiative SANFORT@Nextdoor a little version of SANFORT very close to your home (within your society) to help working mothers.While you get a duty call, the only factor that makes you concentrate at work is “Another mother (teacher) is keeping your child in her best care, till you are back”, not only love and care, but the learning what your child was having in a SANFORT Preschool will have in SANFORT@Nextdoor.The programme is the umbrella of below mentioned Feature rich facilities:
  • Small class size to maintain social distancing.
  • Professionally trained teacher(s).
  • SANFORT curriculum of high repute.
  • Equipped with educational toys, puzzles, teaching aids and games.
  • Access of digital content on
  • Parenting workshops, counseling sessions, PTMs and many other webinars for parents.
  • Maintaining hygiene, social distancing and other SOPs of COVID 19.
  • No travelling time and fear of infection in school van.
  • Professionally managed daycare, a “Home away from Home” for your child just at next door.
  • 5 point safety feature.
  • Instilling the life skills, academic knowledge and creative brilliance.
  • Exposure to the world of “learning by doing” amidst safety, security and hygiene.

Our Curriculum

SANFORT curriculum is based on the U.K concept of pre-school education that focus on two major agendas of child’s development:
  • Stress- Free Education
  • Concept based learning with the aid of role-play and modern methodologies.
The aim of our robust curriculum is to enable children to learn through play in a safe environment and to develop social confidence among their peer groups.

The rapid growth of sensory impressions is linked to brain development. At Sanfort we, expose our kids to auditory, tactile, kinesthetic, olfactory and sensory information from around the world and help in shaping their intelligence.
Specially designed tools and techniques to tap the swift physical changes and to enable children in channelizing their enormous energies to right platforms.
We respect and address the hidden imaginations and creative quotient of every child and hence use a wide range of activities and mediums to match the pace of the changing times and bring the best out of every child.
There is always a straight connection between a well raised human and his/her fitment in with the societal norms. Therefore, introduction of life-skills, manners, sense of good and bad etc., is our priority to be sown at the grass-root level.
We respect the uniqueness of every child and accordingly under the supervision of experts try to blossom the inherent talent and personality quotient.
The aim is to create self-reliant individuals who are independent in accomplishing wide range of life-skills all by themselves and prove to be a valuable asset to the society as a whole.

Our Programmes

San Toddler (Play Group): 18 months - 2.5 years
• Developing listening and language skills
• Emotional, physical and social engagement
• Develop a grasp hold to enable scribbling
• Exploration of letters, Numbers, primary shapes and colors
• Development of fine and gross motor skills
• Develop cognition through sensorial activities
San Learner (Pre Nursery): 2.5 years - 3.5 years
• Learning by exploration
• Encouraging curiosity
• Developing vocabulary and communication skills
• Fostering the seeds of self-reliance and team work
• Numeracy & Literacy Readiness
• Promoting cognitive development and Self-help activities
San Junior (Nursery): 3.5 years – 4.5 years
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development
• Enhancement of Cognitive Skills
• Developing Numeracy, linguistic and Literacy skills
• Inculcating Life-long learning skills
• Development of aesthetic, imaginative and inquisitivenesssenses
• Exploring and encouraging inbuilt talents
• Improving the pincer grip of children for better holding of things, specially handwriting
San Senior (KG): 4.5 years – 5.5 years
• Promoting reading, writing and speaking skills with ease
• Creating the road for Critical thinking
• Targeting the holistic development of the child
• Promoting self-confidence
• Addressing psychological changes fitting them well with societal norms
• Preparing for primary school


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is aim of launching the SANFORT@Nextdoor?
Sanfort has always been the first choice of parents for their beloved child. However, the trying times of COVID 19, has hit the economy really hard and lives for many have changed for forever. That’s why the management of SANFORT has decided to reach-out to the parents and try to ease their lives as much as we can, right to your next door.
2. Is this a crèche facility opened by Sanfort?
No it’s not. It’s a proper pre-school next door, with professional day care facility added to serve the needs of working parents.
3. Is the staff adequately trained?
Absolutely, the staff member in SANFORT@Nextdoor are rigorously trained to maintain the quality what we deliver in our schools to address the needs of the children and parents.
4. How many students can be accommodated in the setup?
To give better individual attention and maintaining the social distance we can have 10-20 children in a SANFORT@Nextdoor depending on the size of the Centre.
5. Is the SANFORT@Nextdoor well equipped to handle kids?
Yes, absolutely. Being an initiative of India’s leading and most trusted pre-school chain, the brand will ensure that all the amenities are in line with its organization’s protocol.