About us


The dreadful time of COVID CRISIS has toppled the lives down both emotionally and physically for everyone across the globe, especially for our tiny-tots with an absolute disconnect from the outside world, no friends, no park time, no cycling, no outdoor activity to do. We all are COEXISTING WITH CORONA for several months now and the road ahead does not seem to be smooth in near future too, precisely when it comes to streamlining the daily decorum of our kids who are just too young to understand the fright sights telecasted every now and then.

Secondly, as the lockdown is over so, we all are trying to return to our normal routines but it is very challenging for the working parents as Preschools and Daycares are still closed and nobody knows how long this COVID CRISIS will continue. So, this is a big question for working mothers who will take care of their little ones in their absence when they are out for their jobs.

As SANFORT is known for it’s out of the box approach for the welfare of children and parents. So, SANFORT have come out with a never heard before revolutionary initiative to step-in to your homes with two different models of Home Schooling first time in the country one with the help of technology enabled platform SANFORT.ONLINE and another SANFORT@Nextdoor a little version of SANFORT very close to your home to help working mothers.